Commissioning A Cat Painting

Leo and Sheba, 20x16 classic oil painting on panelPeople often ask if I can create a painting from their photos and the answer is yes I can. Photos can be emailed to me or sent by post, or share them via facebook or another photo sharing site.

Each portrait begins with a discussion of what you are looking for in the final painting. You might have a specific painting in mind or you might not have a clear idea yet of what you’d like. Either is fine.

I’ll look at your photos and we’ll discuss what you have in mind. Then I’ll do some quick sketches from those so that we can discuss ideas for the portrait in more detail. Your feedback is a big part of the process. If you didn’t have any specific ideas for your painting then hopefully the sketches I send you will help you decide how you’d like the painting to look. If you had a specific pose in mind then the sketches I do will reflect your original ideas.

Once you’ve seen the sketches you can decide if you want to go ahead and what type of painting you’d like.

Classic, Contemporary or Wet and Wild?

Classic cat paintings are the traditional option. More detailed than the other painting styles, yet colourful and luscious, painted in either oils or acrylics.

Bertie three hearts -black and white cat oil painting

Contemporary paintings are abstract and playful, a looser style, less concerned with realism than with colour and shape and a lively personality.

Whisker Face

Wet and wild watercolours are colourful, abstract and playful, with less detail and more splash they are the lighter version of the contemporary.

Pumpkin watercolour detail