Wet and Wild Watercolour Cat Paintings

Pumpkin an exotic cat in watercolourWet and Wild watercolor cat paintings are colourful, abstract and playful, the lighter version of the contemporary painting. With less detail and more splash they are faster to do and can take roughly a week or two.

Painted on watercolour paper using watercolour, inks and paint pens in a free flowing watercolour style, plenty of runs and drips and splashes. They are really water media paintings I guess.

The size of the paper varies a little depending on the make, but we can decide between us what size will suit you before I start. I like textured paper that adds interest to the surface of the painting. It takes about a week to complete. Do email me if you’d like to talk about a watercolour painting of you cat.

Wet and Wild Painting Prices

Small Water Media Painting on Paper £125
A painting on 10×8 or 12×9 inch watercolour paper.
Medium Water Media Painting on Paper £175
A painting on 16×12 inch or 18×12 inch watercolour paper.
Large Water Media Painting on Paper £225
A painting on 20×16 inch or 22×14 inch watercolour paper.


Here are some examples of paintings in the water media contemporary style….


A tortoiseshell maine coon cat in watercolourHennes a selkirk rex cat in watercolour