The Contemporary Cat Painting

A black cat contemporary style paintingA more abstract and playful style of painting, the contemporary style is colourful and lively but less detailed than the Classic painting. Painted in mixed media using a variety of media including acrylics, inks, paint pens, and pastels and a range of techniques from light washes to thick impasto passages. It depends on the composition of the painting and what feels right while I’m working.

Painted on canvas, board or panel, or even aluminium panel for something very modern. Time scales vary with the amount of work involved but approx two or three weeks. Do email me if you’d like to talk about a contemporary painting of your cat.

Contemporary Painting Prices

A 10×8 Painting on Canvas or Board £125
A 12×12 Painting on Canvas or Board £210
A 16×12 Painting on Canvas or Board £285
A 16×16 Painting on Canvas or Board £350
A 20×16 Painting on Canvas or Board £450
A 24×20 Painting on Canvas or Board £675

Contemporary Digital Paintings

A small digital painting up to 16×12 printed on paper  £175
A large digital painting up to 20×16 inch or A2 printed on paper £275
Digital paintings can also be printed to canvas, aluminium and a variety of of other surfaces. Prices vary with the materials and are extra to the cost of the painting.

Here are some examples of paintings in the contemporary style….

a contemporary siamese cat portraitEllie a Burmese cat in contemporary style