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Cat Paintings from The Painted Cat  

Fine Art for Cat Lovers

Original cat paintings, prints and commissioned portraits from London based animal artist Denise Laurent at The Painted Cat.

Whisker Face

"For the artist a cat is a still life in motion."

Never a truer word! My "still lives" are always in motion. I do what I can to capture their spirit, their sense of life and vitality and their unique personalities. I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I enjoy the cats.

New prints

There are lots of new prints in the galleries Including this one, Elli...

On The Easel


See the work in progress in my artists blog, On The Easel.


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Limited Edition Prints
You can buy cat prints direct from the galleries or from the shop.

Painting In Action
Watch a slide show of a painting in progress.

If there's something else you'd like that isn't listed please email me


Commission A Cat Portrait
Snooze - oil painting
Why not have a custom cat portrait painted?


"Wow! The prints are stunning - wonderful. I love the vibrant colours and how they kinda shine out of the paper. You have an amazing talent!"
Philip Thompson

"Each of her subjects look like her favorite cat in the way she portrays them. They are so wonderful, she continues to impress me."
J Nissing,



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